Playing cards are the most favorite game around the world. It is been played since ancient times. Although, playing cards first introduce in china. Later on this game was forwarded to India and Persia. However, it is introduced in all the regions till 14th century. Some of the earliest playing cards are hand crafted. These cards are specially designed by experts for rulers and kings. As, they play them not only for fun. But also for gambling. Playing cards are not limited to kings and rich people only. Simple playing cards are also manufactured for everyone. Purpose of these hand crafted playing cards is to make them look beautiful. Also, extraordinary to catch people attention towards them.

Playing Cards

Playing cards are basically a set of different cards. These cards are numbered and illustrated in beautiful designs. However, each card has its own number and design variation. Playing cards are packed in special Custom Boxes. Some playing cards are simple in background. But some has beautiful designs printed on them. These cards are normally rectangular type. Corner of these cards are rounded. These rounded corners save people from any harmful cut. One side of the card is printed with numbers and design. And other side of the card has layers printed on it. However, on some cards other side will also printed simple. Hence, players enjoy these beautiful printed cards.

In modern era, playing cards are also updated. Each game is different from other. Elders as well as youngsters are also engage in playing these games. They challenge each other with different activities. However, loser has to complete the challenge set by players. We are going to discuss these playing cards games here.

Black Jack:

Black Jack is famous in casinos mostly. Players used to put a bet on this game. Although, 52 pack cards is used for this game. However, in most casinos several decks of cards will shuffled together. Probably six decks of cards. Players seated in sphere shaped table. And dealer remain standing on the other side of the table. It is the duty of dealer to shuffle the cards and to deal with other aspects of games. Dealer hold blank card under the pack. This blank card is used when it is time to reshuffle the cards.

Playing Cards


Game begins when players place a bet with chips. All the players have to place bet of their own choice. After the bet placed, dealer give each player has been given two cards. In one game all the cards are placed on the table with their face up. Players are not permitted to touch these cards. And in the other, all cards are face down. Players may pick them up with one hand. Winner of the table will be given all the chips. Hence, Black Jack is most favored game in casinos all around the world.


UNO is the favorite game not only among kids but elders. This game is fun to play. However, it also boost mental health of kids. As, kids have to make different strategies in order to win this game. Also they have to think a lot to understand the trick of the other player. Almost every home in Canada have UNO playing cards. Families all over the world enjoy this game. It also engage kids in indoor activities. As they do not have to go out to play this game. Parents can also let their kids play under their supervision. Hence, they can also play with their kids.

Playing Cards

UNO deck has 108 cards. There are four different color variations in UNO. Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. Each variation is consist of number 0-8, two skip cards, two draw cards and two reverse cards. There are also four wild cards and four wild draw cards. Each player will be given a specific amount of cards. One card will be place in between. And rest of the card will be use if player do not have matching color or number with it.


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