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    Kraft paper is one amongst the sturdiest materials due to its strength. Kraft material is obtained from softwood trees largely Spruce, Pine and Fir trees. Wooden fibers are remodeled into stunning brown pulp that is further processed to create paper then eventually it is utilized in the producing of various types of Kraft boxes. The Kraft material has high strength and is durable enough to be stored away for later use likewise. The features that create these boxes so remarkable is their sturdiness, portability, and re-usability. The natural color of Kraft boxes is brown. Custom Printed Kraft Boxes are most likely one of the most commonly used boxes within the food, beverage, and skin care industry.

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Kraft boxes are best for many uses. These are made of corrugated card stock. These Boxes could be design as custom boxes. Box giants ensure to provide premium packaging of these Custom Made boxes. Another benefit of these types of packaging is that these are ecofriendly boxes. These boxes are made of corrugated card stock .They are environment friendly boxes.These boxes are best replacement for plastic packaging. Kraft boxes are also a main tool for long distance shipping. Corrugated material provides a cushion effect for precious items .That is why people prefer to select Kraft boxes for the shipping.

Box Giants aims to provide Premium packaging for different products. Our state of the art machinery for packaging gives us a competitive edge.

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