Tray and Sleeve Boxes

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    Custom Printed Tray and Sleeve Boxes

    Custom Printed Tray and sleeve boxes are specifically designed to offer exceptional protection and support to the product that is packed within the boxes. These custom boxes are simple to assemble and easy to used. The tray consist of two sides that are glued while the opposite two are tucked in extremely close when the product is loaded. Custom Printed Tray and Sleeve Boxes are excellent for packing light-weight objects. The design of those boxes are excellent for fragile and delicate products like jeweler, candles, ornaments and they are used for packing certain bakery items. These boxes will build an excellent blessing for packaging boxes. Hoping on the type of item you would like to pack in them. No matter whether or not its chocolates or another thing, an utterly planned tray, and sleeve box are likely to feature style to your item.

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