Games have been played around the globe for decades. There are different type of games for different age groups. At young age, almost everyone is fond of playing games. However, they need a game which can not only kill their boredom. But also can boost their brain or mental health. Finding a right game for you kids maybe a difficult task in old days. Nowadays companies have divided games according to age groups. Their complexity level will be depend on the age of the children. These games are also helpful for study purpose. Because children begin learning many good things at an early age. Even, before he start going to school. Game companies have been researching on it for so long. Their main focus is towards mental health of youngsters. So, they are developing intelligent games day by day.

Parents are the first one who worried more about their kids. Some parents want their kids to participate in indoor activities. Although, outdoor games are more fun. But for some solid reasons parents prefer those games, in which kids don’t have to go out. There are also some games which are good for all ages. Parents can also play with their kids.

Robot Turtles:

Robot turtles is the best game for those who love computer. And eagerly wanted to learn programming language at an early age. Even, design by one of the best programming expert. This is also one of the best startup game in history. It will teach your kids the basics of programming language and functions. Robot Turtles provides kids a stealth learning experience. However, it will also help them boost their thinking ability. They will be making different strategies and function to help turtle reach toward diamond. Parents and children both can play this game and have fun. Robot Turtles is best for 3-8 year old.

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Scrabble is a classic word game. This game is best for learning new words. Also how to spell those words correctly. Scrabble doesn’t really have an age limit. However, everyone can play this game and have fun together. This game also bring more fun to indoor activity. Players have to draw tiles in a series to form word. Players have to focus on the board and think to find words there. Scrabble can be easy or difficult both at the same. Depend on your thinking ability and words knowledge. Kids obviously came across with words they didn’t hear off. So, this is the reason most schools or educational institutions also recommend scrabble.

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Elementos is also a Kickstarter game, which later on gain so much popularity. This game is favored by almost everyone. Kids and elders both are fond of this game. This game is based on the mechanism of rock, paper and scissor. Elementos have 3 elements known as fire, water and tree. Players have to place these elements over each other. In order to overcome other elements. However, players have to think differently to beat each other. Also, kids will be making different strategies and functionalities to win this game. This kind of activity help them in their mental health and thinking ability. Also keep them busy in their free time while having fun.

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Sagrada is the best game for those who love solving problems and puzzles. There is no age group restriction for this game. Sagrada is little complex game. Players have to make different strategies and functionalities to win. Each player build a glass window by building a grid with a dice on their board. Each player will have their individual board. And each board have some restriction on which color or shade will be place on them. However, dice of same color or shade should not be placed next to each other.

Scoring of sagrada will depend on the placement and patterns of dice. One with a high score will be declared as the winner of the game. Hence, this is the best game for your kids to engage them in indoor activities.

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Another important factor about these games is their packaging. Packaging industry nowadays are growing in a large number. Giving their customers quality packaging service. As, Industries are very conscious about their packaging. So, they always run towards those who give high quality services. This is how their boxes stand out of the crowd in market. However, there are large number of high quality machinery used in order to manufacture and print those Custom Printed Game Boxes.

Presentation of Games:

Another important factor about these products is their packaging. Presentation of the brand in a right and stylish way is best when it comes to catch consumer’s attention. Custom Boxes with the presentation of your logo plays and important role when it comes to generate more sales and revenue from products. These boxes are also helpful in marketing purpose, as brands are using their identity and design printed on it. Premium Quality technology is used to print those boxes in order to get Premium Quality results. More the Box will look beautiful more it will be helpful to catch an attention of customers. Therefore, Brands nowadays are running towards Custom Printed Game Boxes to make their product stand out of the crowd.

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