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Welcome To Box Giants

Box Giants is Your own Packaging Companion. Our focus is to design Premium Packaging Solutions as per our customer’s requirements. Box Giants has been serving the packaging enthusiasts from around the globe. We have created high-quality Custom Boxes and Custom Shipping Boxes for local and international clients as well. Our company use contemporary packaging materials  to cater all kinds of packaging needs. Therefore, we also use the attractive colors combinations for the printing. Our team passionately work according to the expectation of our customers to meet their requirements. Moreover, we can print high-quality boxes from hundreds to thousands as Wholesale Custom Boxes manufacturers.

We at Box Giants produce Custom Packaging Boxes according to the specifications given by our valuable clients. Box Giants offers high quality digital and offset printing with the latest printing techniques using the state of the art machinery. We have provided multiple coloring schemes with attractive finishing choices like foil enhancement, embossing, gloss coating and various options are available related to inks like CMYK and PMS. But, you can get these Custom Printed Boxes in different shapes, design, and colors according to your requirements. You can also print your names and logos on the Custom Boxes.

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  • Custom Printed Ice Cream Cone Holder

    The basic functions of an ice cream cone holder box are to provide safe transportation of cones and safe storage of cones as well. Ice cream holder boxes need to have a shape that matches the cones perfectly and may be resilient enough to resist moisture and different environmental factors that can affect the quality of cones. If you’re a retailer trying to sell your ice cream cones, Custom Printed Ice Cream Cone Holder are some of the foremost practical choices for the ice cream retailers, you can have your brand and punchline printed on these boxes to catch the eye of your potential customers.

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  • Custom Printed Office Stationery

    Custom Printed Office Stationery Boxes

    Office Stationary is basically used by almost everyone all over the world in corporate sector as well as other industries. Displaying these stationary in beautiful packaging will give a good impression to customers towards your company. Printing your office stationery boxes with high quality graphics will demonstrate your professional business, and also make it graceful and amusing. High Quality Custom Boxes will also help you to attract more customers.

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  • Custom Boxes

    Custom Printed Four Corner With Display Lid Boxes

    Custom printed four corner with display lid boxes is a perfect packaging solution for a retail product. These boxes are used for displaying different types of product such as cosmetics, food product, jewelry, and ornaments. The tray of these boxes contains sturdy walls and a closing flap which conjointly acts as display lid when folded. These boxes can be converted into flat shape hence which saves volume throughout shipping to cut back prices allowing an ideal economic option. Four corner with display lid boxes are easy to assemble, this feature makes them convenient for the retailers to use them for packaging and presenting their merchandise. Four corner with display lid boxes is one of the trendy and engaging box styles.

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  • Custom Boxes

    Custom Printed Five Panel Hanger Boxes

    Looking for the most effective way for the display and presentation of your product? Try Custom Printed Five Panel Hanger Boxes. Five-panel hanger boxes are famous display boxes that are mostly used for packaging and presenting a different kind of products. Five-panel hanger is an excellent way to gain customers attention. These boxes contain a hanger tab that allows you to hang these boxes hence creating them visible to the purchasers. These boxes are excellent for branding and marketing, five-panel hanger boxes are effectively used since you’ll have your brand info and product usage details printed on them. These boxes are not only eye-catchy however they’re sturdy enough to store numerous varieties of items in them.

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  • Custom Boxes

    Custom Printed Multipurpose Header Card

    If you’re trying to find a cost-effective packaging solution for your products. Multipurpose header card is the best solution! These cards are a simple and cost-effective way to brand and package any sort of product. Simply place your product in a poly bag and fasten the fold-over card to the bag using staples, double-sided tape or glue. The poly-bag shows your product while the header card is a tool for branding and brand awareness. Custom Printed Multipurpose Header Card are excellent for the branding of your merchandise. These cards are an excellent way to establish brand awareness. The Structure of the multipurpose header card is simply just a base card with a flap on prime. A different design is often printed on the top of the flap which may hold the information relating to the product. Companies that manufacture little products will utilize these packaging options the key feature of this style is that the hole punched at the top that provides nice utility and practicality in terms of showcasing the product.

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  • Custom Boxes

    Custom Printed Gable Bag Bottom Hanger

    Custom printed gable bag bottom hanger is largely used for display and presentation of the products in retail stores. These bags are wonderful for branding and marketing, these bags can effectively use since you’ll have your brand information and product usage details printed on them. These bags are not only eye-catchy but they are also durable enough to store various types of items in them. Because of the auto bottom, these bags are very simple to assemble. The customer simply needs to stretch the bag and the bag will return to its original position. Gable bag bottom hanger is a paper-based bag which comprises of the simple pasted auto bottom bag having the additional hanger connected to the bottom, therefore, because of the bottom hanger the bag can be hung and also offers a clear display of the product. These bags are created to accommodate lightweight products such as portable electronic things and cosmetics merchandise etc. The hanger feature of Gable bag bottom hanger offers retailers quality and brand recognition.

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I had been working on launching my cosmetics line for months and I was worried if it will go off as planned. My major concern was packaging as it’s the first thing customer sees. Customer support team at Box Giants is very responsive, cooperative and professional. They were very attentive and active throughout the process and they were a great help. They took all my worries away and assured that I would not be disappointed and yes, I’m NOT! I recommend Box Giants to all the startup businesses if they are looking for cost-effective and competent packaging solution.

Steve M.

Box Giants has been superb and creative. I had an urgent need of Lip Balm boxes and I didn’t know where to start. But Box Giants held it really well. Whole team was very patient and cooperative. They understood what I wanted and transformed my ideas into reality in a brilliant way. I’ll be doing more business with Box Giants definitely.


Box Giants is highly recommended when it comes to professionalism and sophistication. I had been a victim of poor quality and services but Box Giants proved me wrong when they delivered exactly what was promised. Excellent quality, timely execution and responsive customer support. Hats off!

Jane D.