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Welcome To Box Giants

Box Giants is Your own Packaging Companion. Our focus is to design Premium Packaging Solutions as per our customer’s requirements. Box Giants has been serving the packaging enthusiasts from around the globe. We have created high-quality Custom Boxes and Custom Shipping Boxes for local and international clients as well. Our company uses contemporary packaging materials to cater to all kinds of packaging needs. Therefore, we also use attractive colors combinations for printing. Our team passionately work according to the expectation of our customers to meet their requirements. Moreover, we can print high-quality luxury boxes from hundreds to thousands as Wholesale Custom Boxes manufacturers.

In Conclusion, We at Box Giants produce Custom Packaging Boxes according to the specifications given by our valuable clients. Likewise, Box Giants offers high-quality Premium Boxes. Similarly, We provide digital and offset printing with the latest printing techniques using the state of the art machinery. We have provided multiple coloring schemes with attractive finishing choices like foil enhancement, embossing, gloss coating, and various options are available related to inks like CMYK and PMS. As a result, you can get these Custom Printed Boxes in different shapes, design, and colors according to your requirements. Above all, You can also order to print your names and logos on the Custom Boxes.

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  • Custom Printed Cannabis Boxes

    Custom Printed Cannabis Boxes

    Custom Printed Cannabis Boxes are a decent and unique way to promote your brand. With customized packaging solutions you can get best suitable presentation options for your cannabis products.

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  • Eye Liner Boxes

    Custom Printed Eyeliner Boxes

    Eyeliners are one of the most famous eye cosmetics. For cosmetic firms, selecting attractive make-up packaging is crucial for boosting charm of the product. It doesn’t matter whether its liquid eyeliner, cake or pen, without an elegant eyeliner packaging your product isnt likely to create an impact on your potential customers. Eyeliner boxes are considered to be one among the most basic elements or product used in eye cosmetic packaging. Custom Printed Eyeliner Boxes not only keeps the product safe however also serve as an identity for a selected brand or product. A wonderful eyeliner box can display eyeliner in a more sensible manner. Designing and planning of an eyeliner box need proficient expertise. Box Giants is a printing and packaging company that has been delivering superior quality and precise results for several years covering all sectors.

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  • Cream Boxes

    Custom Printed Cream Boxes

    Creams are a major part of the cosmetic industry. Creams are used for a variety of purposes, for example, moisturizing cream is used to making skin smooth, beauty creams are used for enhancing the look of skin, making the skin look more beautiful. There are various types of cream. Such as moisturizing creams, beauty creams, sun protection creams, herbal creams and many more. whether its a sun protection cream, Beauty cream or skin moisturizing cream, the packaging of your product tell a lot regarding the standard of your product and brand. If we talk about the competition in the cream industry, there are many cream brands out there, those with distinctive cream packaging have managed to earn a large range of customers because the first thing customers see is how a product is presented. For this reason, custom cream boxes are used. Custom Printed Cream Boxes do not only help you to market your cream however it also protects the cream from all the factors that may have an effect on its quality such as sunlight, moisture, and heat.

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  • Custom Printed Candle Boxes

    Custom Printed Candle Boxes

    Custom Printed Candle Boxes are an effective and efficient way to promote your brand and increase sales. They play a vital role when it comes to customer satisfaction. Candle with beautifully designed Custom Boxes are more likely to gain more attention.

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  • Cake Boxes

    Custom Printed Cake Boxes

    Custom Printed Cake boxes are used not only for safe storage and carrying the product. However, they also make different kind of cakes look additional stunning and tastier. Custom printed cake boxes are essential to boost presentation and business dynamics.

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  • Custom Printed Soap Boxes

    Custom Printed Soap Boxes is providing the fully customize options for the product of the custom printed soap boxes. The present soap packaging box is used to advertise the soaps production in the best ways. You can easily order these boxes with logo and material we provide you at the lowest rates on the market. You can get these custom soap boxes in different sizes, shapes, and colors. We also used the eyes catching themes to create a good impression on the buyers. Soapboxes are playing the important part in your product’s marketing campaigns. Design soap boxes are the best chance to boost your sales and brand. The crafting on the soap boxes is the unique shapes.

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I had been working on launching my cosmetics line for months and I was worried if it will go off as planned. My major concern was packaging as it’s the first thing customer sees. Customer support team at Box Giants is very responsive, cooperative and professional. They were very attentive and active throughout the process and they were a great help. They took all my worries away and assured that I would not be disappointed and yes, I’m NOT! I recommend Box Giants to all the startup businesses if they are looking for cost-effective and competent packaging solution.

Steve M.

Box Giants has been superb and creative. I had an urgent need of Lip Balm boxes and I didn’t know where to start. But Box Giants held it really well. Whole team was very patient and cooperative. They understood what I wanted and transformed my ideas into reality in a brilliant way. I’ll be doing more business with Box Giants definitely.


Box Giants is highly recommended when it comes to professionalism and sophistication. I had been a victim of poor quality and services but Box Giants proved me wrong when they delivered exactly what was promised. Excellent quality, timely execution and responsive customer support. Hats off!

Jane D.